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BLACK TEAS (10 Found)

Assam (Mokalbari) (FTGFOP)

Established in 1917, and renowned as a premier estate, Mokalbari is in the Dibrugarh district of the upper Brahamaputra Valley and produces an excellent higher grown Assam known for its golden tippy teas with rich malty notes and layered flavors of fruit and spice and low astringency. Assams are favored by those who love a good, strong brew. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Ceylon (Kenilworth)

This well-known estate sits in the foothills of Sri Lanka's western slopes. It is geographically in Nuwara Eliya but produces a tea stylistically from the Kandy region of the country. An excellent full-body tea that is full of life, very smooth with just a hint of sweetness. It is a fine choice for after dinner or mid-afternoon. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Darjeeling (Margaret’s Hope) 2nd Flush

This high-quality Darjeeling is from the famous Margaret's Hope Estate and makes a well-balanced cup with outstanding flavor and aroma. A dark golden-amber brew with a distinctive nutty / fruity character. The finish is a harmonious blend of muscatel and floral notes. A superb afternoon tea. Does not take well to milk and sugar. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Duchess of Bedford Blend

This blend of green and black teas with a hint of jasmine was created to honor Anna Maria Russell, the Duchess of Bedford. The Duchess was a lady-of-the-bedchamber and a life-long friend of Queen Victoria. Although people had taken tea in the afternoon as early as the eighteenth century, it was Anna Maria that introduced afternoon tea to the Royal Court and who is credited with popularizing the ritual of afternoon tea, as we know it today. Our Duchess of Bedford tea was blended to complement and enhance all the rich flavors of the most elegant tea table.

Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Irish Breakfast Blend

Irish Breakfast tea is a full-bodied, brisk, malty brew. It is made up of a blend of hearty Indian and China black teas that produce a strong cup of tea with lots of caffeine. This gourmet tea is full of natural antioxidants and it has a robust, invigorating aroma that is sure to jump-start your morning; the longer you allow it to steep, the stronger it becomes. In Ireland, it isn’t referred to as “Irish Breakfast tea.” It is simply “tea” and is drunk all day long. Milk and dairy products are traditionally a major part of the Irish diet and most commonly Irish Breakfast tea is drunk with milk. If you choose to add dairy to your tea, we recommend you serve this tea with MILK (not cream.) The Irish are per capita the highest consumers of tea in the world and after you try our blend you will know why!

PRICE: $10.00

Keemun Hao Ya B

An exquisite black tea in every respect - it's a lateral explosion of flavor on the palate, but without any bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste. Rich with a signature Keemun hint of peppery crispness. A superior breakfast tea, refreshing afternoon tea, or a full-bodied after-dinner tea. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Kenya (Milima) (GTOP)

This is a blend of high-grown teas from the Kaproret, Samarek and Chemase Estates. Hand plucked at dawn and using orthodox methods, the leaves are rolled to maintain the floral character and obtain the twisted leaf appearance. A perfect all day sipping tea which yields a well-balanced liquor with dark amber hues and fruity nuances in the aroma. Excellent self-drinker or good with milk and sugar. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Mountain State Blend

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, known as The Mountain State, with its hardwood forests, wind-swept mountains and photo-perfect valley landscapes is where we call home. Our Mountain State Blend was created to honor the people of the state who are friendly, hospitable and fiercely independent.

This full-bodied tea has a smooth, thick mouth-feel with a soft honey taste and layered flavors of fruit and spice followed with a smoky hint. It can be enjoyed as a self-drinker or with the addition of milk.

Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Nilgiri (Glendale) (FOP)

Glendale is comprised of 3 Gardens (Adderley, Glendale & Runnymede). This award winning estate, achieved the highest price ever paid for black tea when auctioned at the World Tea Expo. It has also been awarded the Golden Leaf India Award. The tea produces a bright, brisk, full-bodied brew with strength and flavor. Perfect hot as a self-drinker or with milk and sugar. Equally good iced. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Otisco Breakfast Blend

Otisco Breakfast Blend is a hearty, brisk black tea. It packs a powerful punch of caffeine, an intense aroma and a bold flavor. Guaranteed to get you ready to face the day.... even a snowy, freezing cold morning in Otisco, NY.

O-tis-co is a hamlet in Central NY, just outside of Syracuse, NY. This is where Bill was born and raised and where his ancestors settled in the 1850's upon arriving in the states from County Kildare, Ireland. Five generations later there are still descendants of Tom Larkin living in the area. This blend of black teas was named in homage of those early immigrants.


Marty Christian – September 3, 2014 :
This is a wonderfully smooth blend that is a great breakfast drink. I’ve also enjoyed the cups left in the teapot later in the day over ice. In fact, it makes the best iced tea I’ve ever had! Invigorating!!

Adam – September 23, 2014 :
This is a delightful tea with a very pleasant aroma. The taste, while strong, couldn’t be smoother! Easily one of my new favorite teas for any time of day.

PRICE: $10.00

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