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GREEN TEAS (6 Found)

Dragonwell – Lung Ching

Dragonwell is a pan-fired tea created by hand in large woks. This processing technique yields a tea with leaves shaped like the blade of a sword. Bright green in color, this full-bodied tea has a rich nutty taste with light sweet finish that will satisfy your mouth. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Green Jasmine

From the WuYuan Organic Tea Gardens, in Jiangxi, China, this jasmine tea has fine, slender, long leaves mingled with tips. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00


Gunpowder Tea is made of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets resembling gunpowder. The Superfine Pinhead is rolled into very small pellets - about 1/8 inch diameter. It has a rich flavor, balanced pungency, and the smoky tones one would expect from quality gunpowder. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Organic Matcha Premium

Our Organic Matcha is made from the freshest, choicest hand-picked leaves, carefully stone-ground into an extremely fine powder.

Matcha is one of the healthiest teas you can drink, because you're drinking the entire leaf, not just the liquid made from it.

Matcha is also used extensively in cooking - Green Tea Ice Cream, biscuits, smoothies, cakes and other "Green Tea" foods & drinks are made using "Ingredient Grade" Matcha. Very low-grade Matcha is also used in Body and Hair Care products - Green Tea Soaps and Shampoos lotions and other such products use Matcha as well.

There are 2 different styles of brewed Matcha - thin & thick - our Matcha can be used to make both.

Usucha, or thin tea, is prepared with one quarter to one half a teaspoon of Matcha and approximately 2.5 to 3oz of 140º to 160ºF water. It is then either whisked to produce froth or not, according to the drinker's preference (or to the traditions of the particular school of tea). Usucha creates a lighter and slightly more bitter tea. Koicha, or thick tea, requires significantly more Matcha, as many as six teaspoons to 6oz (3/4 cup) of 140º to 160ºF water.

Because the resulting mixture is significantly thicker, blending it requires a slower, stirring motion which does not produce foam. Koicha produces a sweeter tea, and is served almost exclusively as part of Japanese tea ceremonies.

Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Sencha Fukujyu

Japan’s most popular tea. Fukujya means “Green Spider Leg” and this describes the appearance of the leaves. An early-harvested tea, its emerald green leaf color brews up a clear-green cup with a delicate flavor and a slight astringent sweetness. Perfect for after a meal and considered good for the digestion. It also makes a superb iced tea. Priced per 2oz.

PRICE: $10.00

Vietnamese Green

Vietnamese Green tea is grown and processed by a female tea cooperative in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. When plucked the long, wiry twisted leaves are dark emerald blue-green. Aroma is reminiscent of Bi Lo Chun. This tea has a typical vegetal profile, more specifically mild asparagus with a hint of sweet pea on the front. Good lingering mouth feel. Unlike some green teas this gets milder as it cools and does not exhibit any bitter characteristics making it a good choice for iced green.

PRICE: $10.00

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